Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 1, 2011

 We only had class on Wednesday and Friday. It was kind of a bummer to sit in class and draw because the weather was so nice this week! I got distracted every time i looked up. And this is why:

We moved on to face from drawing the body parts. Jessica was my partner and these drawings are of her. We worked on the nose and eyes on Wednesday. Amy told us to seperate the bottom plane form the top plane. Nothing is a flat shape, they all have different spotting space. She also told us to break up the lines. always. I thought nose would be easier to draw with all of the instructions she gave us, but it was hard. Maybe it was because I was trying to use the whole page rather than drawing small multiple noses on one page. Jessica's nose looked distorted. On a brighter note, her eyes were super easy to draw. I've always enjoyed drawing eyes, but after having Amy go through the steps of drawing them, it became a lot easier than before. I tried to emphasize on how there are three planes on our upper eyelid, two planes on our lower lid.

Ear was the most difficult one to draw. all the contour lines, where they lay back to back were so hard to see..yet when Amy helps me see them I'm like, "That was easy," or "That makes sense." I think I just need to keep drawing them until I get used to those crazy changing contour lines.

Drawing lips was always hard because lips are part of the skin, as in there isn't really a fine line between skin and lips. It was fun to play with where the contour lines take place with the lips, especially the bottom one going into the chin muscle. such gentle, subtle lines but very important to have in order to tell how the face is shaped. It's been an exciting, learning week for me. I feel a bit embarrassed for thinking that this week was going to be easy. Now that we really got to learn about the muscles and the importance of contour lines, I'm not going to be able to get away with my "old" drawing skills. 

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