Monday, May 9, 2011

May 8, 2011

It was a full week with full of long head drawings. Although we did some gesture drawings of Rob on Friday, our main focus was on the head. Now that we have done some skull drawings, it was time for us to apply what we have seen in real life drawings. I drew Rob on Monday and Annie on Wednesday. I'm not done with Annie's face and she is coming in on Monday again to pose for us. I really enjoyed drawing the head especially after all those lectures and practices of the facial features. It was surprisingly very easy for me to spend the whole class period to work on these drawings. Rob and Annie both have very nicely refined features so it wasn't too hard to find the contour lines. I had a skull right next to me to compare the shape of the cranium...and I had to fix Rob's head a couple times to get it to the right size...When Amy fixed it for me, I questioned her and said "but isn't his head turned enough to the side to not see that much of it?" I was so surprised to find out that our craniums are way, way larger than I thought. It looked funny at first but when I came back to my drawing after the break, it looked right proportionately. I went for a complete profile view instead of the 3/4 profile view for Annie's head, mostly because there wasn't any other spot for me to stand and draw to have a better view. I started with sketching the skull first, and added Annie's feature to it. It took me about half an hour to get to this far, when Rob's head took me 3 tried to get it right. Annie's chin looks a bit weird but I'll have time to fix it with her modeling on Monday, so I'm not too worried. 

When we went into the gesture drawings again on Friday, I was so lost. It was horrible. I had the most boring, straight on angle ever. No foreshortened view of anything. So I "finished" it until Amy called my name to look over my manikin and ended up working on my muscles until the class was over after that. Amy introduced our final project: Self Portrait. We have to draw ourselves while looking at ourselves in the mirror. and I'm actually really excited to draw myself! I mean, I look in the mirror all the time, and I know what my face looks like. It's going to be fun to explore my facial features in a total different way.

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