Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 3, 2011

long drawing: I really enjoyed drawing from this angle. I love how her egg and pelvis looks very well defined from this angle. 
Different environments and different people surround us all the time. Sensory adaptation diminishes our sensitivity and helps us adapt to the new environment. Sensory adaptation is our diminished sensitivity to constant or routine odors, sounds, and touches. It focuses our attention on informative changes in our environment. We experience many different sensory adaptations every day. For example, our eyes adapting to changes in light, our bodies adapting to changes in air temperature or water temperature, and our ears adapting to changes in loudness of noise. It was very interesting to learn that our eyes are always moving, whether we notice them moving or not. They flit from one spot to another enough to guarantee that stimulation on the eyes’ receptors continually changes. Our sensitivity to changing stimulation helps explaining us being able to adapt to different situations so quickly, that we don’t even notice the changes. This kind of goes with how I've been feeling about Life Drawing. As we went more and more into drawing in different muscles each day, I learned to draw them more quickly and accurately each day, adapting to drawing in different, detailed muscles at different limited times. This week has been a really short week for me. It went by so quickly, especially with no class on Friday. We've worked on our arm  muscles on our manikins and tried to draw them in in our 30 sec drawings to 50 min drawings. It didn't take me that long to familiarize myself to draw the full figure with extra detail in the arms. BUT It was very difficult to follow the book when putting the clay muscles on the manikins (Amy had to fix most of the muscles for me haha), but I enjoyed it, mostly just because I'm familiar with the arm muscles more than any other muscles in our body. I apologize for not posting this 'last week's post' so late..I'll try to keep up from now on. 

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