Tuesday, March 29, 2011


FULL FIGURE! FINALLY! I've enjoyed every minute, second of our drawing time in life drawing. It's been going by ridiculously fast. I never thought I would enjoy drawing figures this much! We started drawing the full figure starting with the 30 second ones. My first thoughts were, "We only have 30 sec to draw the whole figure?" but when she demonstrated in front of us, I kind of got what we were supposed to do. I love when she draws for us, it's so much easier for me to draw after seeing her draw. the way she stands/sits, the way she holds the vine charcoal, the way she moves her whole body when she draws... so much to learn! I was telling one of the girls from our class about just how much I've enjoyed drawing the whole figure, finally! and she told me that she didn't enjoy it very much and that she liked drawing parts of the body better. It was interesting to see that other people enjoy drawing the complete opposite things than me. The muscles we've been working with this week's been fun, too. Since we're working on the muscles that are actually (somewhat) visible, it's a lot easier for me to put them on my model. Anyway, with the whole snow day thing on Wednesday, it's been a pretty slow, relaxing week. I don't think it should have been.... but! at least my mind got to rest a bit. This week is going to be crazy busy. I already have midterms coming up! and I want to submit some work to the Best of Design Show.. crossing my fingers I would get the application done and that some of my work will get accepted! :P
Here are some pictures of my work this week! I hope everyone has a good rest of the week :)

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