Monday, March 21, 2011


I'm a little behind on my postings due to break and such. First of all, my spring break was amazing for the fact that I got to go to Vegas! It could have been better..I could have made it a better, I should have made it better. But I don't want to sit here and beat myself all day long by thinking of all the could have's and should have's. I’ll move on and make a good use of my time by actually talking about what’s been going on with drawing different body parts.

We started focusing on the legs more last week. Feet are such difficult things to draw! It is so hard for me to find different planes and figure out the right direction of the contour lines. Although Annie is such a great model, she gives us dynamic poses that are difficult to draw and I like challenges, so I always enjoy her interesting poses, drawing! I got bored of all of our long (way too long) feet drawings right away. Personally, I don't think feet are attractive at all, and they are the dirtiest out of all the other body parts (I think). I just didn't have any desire to sit down and draw feet for hours and hours, okay, not hours, but 30 minute drawings of just...feet? Come on. Then I thought, maybe I don't enjoy drawing them as much as I like drawing other body parts because I'm not the greatest at it. Maybe I'll start to like drawing them once I get better at it..which means, I’ll have to practice, practice, practice! extra hard. I have attached my feet drawings above (from last week) and they look so awkward! I hope to see the improvements as the second half of the semester goes on. 

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