Monday, February 7, 2011

Emotionally Handicapped

This past week, I was recently reminded how important yet how hard it is to express your thoughts and feelings. Feelings and thoughts are different, but also are one at the same time. Feelings are emotions, opinions, and sensations, while thoughts are beliefs, reflections, and convictions. We react to different events with both thoughts and feelings. But you can't tell anyone what is in your purse if we don't know what is in there yourself. In the same way, you have to figure our what feelings and thoughts you have before you can share them with anyone. I was having such difficult times sharing my own thoughts. I do have strong beliefs, convictions but when it comes to explaining why I believe in those ideas, I fall apart. If I'm not expressing the real 'me,' and others aren't expressing the real 'them,' then who are we? Who are we talking to? Fake reflections, the cause of all the confusion. Then I started to relate this idea to my art work, and thought about how I express my feelings through brushes and charcoals. It was then I realized that I don't let myself go when I paint or draw. I get too hung up on the small details, get frustrated and give up. I needed to let my ideas flow naturally, give myself permission to make mistakes, and speak my feelings. Speaking your feelings is not a simple thing. The reality is that due to this society, we're mostly emotionally handicapped. We're scared to be judged. This issue is something I personally need to work on on daily basis. I hope this inspires people to connect and share in a deeper way with those we love by really thinking about how they really feel.

      letting myself go...

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