Friday, March 4, 2011

the halfway point of a term

Maniken - Posterior
This first half of the semester definitely went by fast. It has been a crazy, yet incredible journey. I have learned so many things that I normally either didn't care or didn't know about. I say that I didn't care because when I don't know much information about something, I just say I don't care about those things to not sound stupid for not knowing. I thought I knew what I was doing when I first attended the class until we got into the details of how muscles layer in our bodies. I believe that my drawing skills has gotten a lot better after learning about how the muscles align and layer together. I loved how we broke down into different sections of the body, no more than three muscles at once. It helped us to have a better understanding of each muscle and learn how they collide together, rather than learning everything at once, which could have been a really hard task for us. I was having such hard time with the "eggs" and the spine, which led me into having trouble with the frontal line, also. But it became so much easier for me to draw the figure after actually seeing how the muscles overlap inside our bodies, and after our Professor sat down and drew examples for us. I guess I'm more of a visual person. After all, I am an artist. I need to visualize what I'm doing first, then I can nail it. I very much enjoyed drawing the pelvis and thigh muscles in, because drawing in just the ribcage or the egg, and the spine was getting boring for me.   I remember, we had to just draw the model anyway we wanted to. Everyone has a different way of portraying things, and I think It was a great idea for our Professor to develop our drawing skills as we know them, and move further into it by drawing accurate figures. I look forward and desire to learn more and more about how human body is formed and learn how to draw them in my own style as the semester goes on. 

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  1. I do think its been an interesting journey throughout the semester.

    I agree that just drawing the ribcage was a bit boring, but I found that it really did help later on. This approach to drawing definitely helps!

    I definitely also look forward to learning more and more about human anatomy and furthering my drawing skillz.

    Here's to a great second half of the semester! *raises glass*